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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 124

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 124 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 124 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, to close the gate S level, Japan had to invite Yuri Orloff back. Meanwhile, Jin Woo was continuing to plow to find answers about his strength. To know more about Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 124, read the spoilers, predictions & theories down below. Also, spoilers will be updated timely and any change in release date will also be updated.


Solo Leveling Chapter 124: Latest Spoilers

According to Yuri Orlov’s request, his ability was highly likely to be a form of time maintenance such as a barrier or barrier. Although this man was quite confident, this was an S-class gate. Sooner or later Yuri would fail to protect Japan.

Jin Woo is trying to go up a few levels to use that key. It could be guessed that it would bring him back to the temple with the giant stone statues from before. There, Jin Woo will do a certain test. The story of the dark emperor’s power and the secret behind the level plowing system will unfold. Sooner or later Jin Woo will be going to Japan to close the giant gate. After this event, Jin Woo will become a hero not only of Korea but also of Japan, from which to become increasingly famous in the world.

Also, in the previous chapter, the Japanese Association is urgently calling on other parties to join forces to close the giant gate. Events at Jeju Island cost the country 7 S-rank hunters. The guilds participating in the campaign included: Demons, Tuyet Son and Phat Kiem (the guild of Goto Ryuji), a total of 6 S-rank hunters. However, the Japanese government still felt fear. The last mistake made this country too expensive. As a precaution, Japan decided to hire Yuri Orlov, a famous hunter in the world.

The story continues with Jin Woo. At this moment, he is extremely excited to know that he has reached even more levels. Jin Woo went back to his office and met Cha-Hae-In. Although there were tons of questions related to “fighting jealousy”, Hae-In still prioritized the message sent by hunter Byung Goo. She told Jin Woo that he be careful with his own strength. Jin Woo then invited Hae-In to his office. The female hunter began to specifically report the story. She said that while being saved by Byung Goo, “I died but someone kept pulling me out of the dark. I felt like I was slowly becoming a blind slave. Jin Woo is strong, but it’s also scary. Please remember, Hunter Sung’s real army … “. Byung Goo’s message ends right here.

After that, we saw Jin Woo and Jin Ho conquering the dungeon. The two chatted together. Jin Ho expressed his concern for Jin Ah and was reassured by Jin Woo. He said that he left a powerful summon on her side, it was Beru. Jin Woo used the “sharing senses” effect of his “save ball” skill to check what Beru was doing. Not making readers disappointed, the ant king is relentlessly … plowing his Korean drama series. After that, Jin Woo checked to Hae-In and saw his future wife having a bath.

Jin Ho told Jin Woo about the S-class gate that appeared in Shinjuku, Japan. Jin Woo said that he was invited but did not have time to respond. He is looking to learn about the mysterious key and the source of his power more. In Japan Yuri Orloff is in talks with the hunters. He set rentals starting at $3 billion and $10 billion per day thereafter. The chapter ends here.

Solo Leveling Chapter 124: Release Date

Solo Leveling chapter 124 is expected to release on October 21. More Information, spoilers & predictions will be updated in the shortest time.

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