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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 123

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 123 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 123 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, after the first conquest of the Guild-Ah-Jin, Jin-Woo becomes stronger and stronger. Another giant gate appeared in Japan, will Jin-Woo interfere or not?


Solo Leveling Chapter 123: Latest Spoilers

In the next chapter, the story of Solo Leveling will move to a new page. With a giant portal appearing in Japan, it could be predicted that the high level demonic beasts and the other emperors had begun to act. The world safety in the future will be extremely dangerous. On the Japanese side, this country will try to get help from abroad because most of its S-class hunters have died in Jeju. However, sooner or later that support will fail and Jin Woo, our main character, will take action.

That large gate meant that the magic beasts in it were just as giant. Maybe they are the Giants – giants.

Also in the previous chapter, the Association tried to keep information confidential, the journalists still came to the portal to interview Jin Woo. The image posted by Yoo-Soo-Hyun made the hunter extremely popular. Manager Woo-Jin-Chol was sent by the chairman of the Hunter Association to oversee and “protect” Jin-Woo. He will also conquer the dungeon with Jin-Woo. After preparing enough, Jin-Woo, Jin-Ho, Jin-Chol together entered the gate.

As expected, Jin Chol literally just observed and did nothing else for the war. With dozens of extremely powerful shadow summons, Jin Woo easily destroyed all A-level magic beasts. Jin Woo made Jin-Chol even more surprised when his warriors even collected monsters themselves. Hunter Sung absolutely doesn’t need anyone to support me!

After manually defeating the dungeon boss, Jin-Woo has reached level 101. The skills of ball extraction, ball saving, monarchy, and ball swap are all leveled up. In particular, ball swap now only takes 2 hours of cooldown. Jin Woo then extracted the shadow from the dungeon boss. Thanks to his leveling up, the new shadow warrior has a power that won’t lose while he’s alive. Jin Woo named the new summon Jima.

The conquest is over. Tusk was summoned to carry the dungeon boss’s body out. The appearance of the giant warrior made the journalists extremely surprised and excited. Jin Chol returned to report to Go-Gun-Hee. The chairman showed a clear expression of satisfaction to know about Jin Woo’s ability. At the end of the chapter, a new threat appears: a giant red gate appears in the sky of Japan!

Solo Leveling Chapter 123: Release Date

Solo Leveling chapter 123 is expected to release on October 14. Spoiler information will be updated in the shortest time.

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