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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 122

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 122 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 122 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, both Jin-Woo, along with Jin-Hui, entered the highest A-ranked gates in the first official raid of their guild. Like the past few times, once again, we are here with the most relevant information on Solo Leveling Manhwa spoilers and release date. Here, we will also be discussing regarding the best way to read the manhwa as there is no official way to read it.

Today we have some confirmed spoilers among us, so if you want to read them before actually reading the chapter, feel free to check them out.


Solo Leveling Chapter 122: Latest Spoilers

In the latest chapter of Solo Leveling Manga, the Ahjin guild is now official & they received the final permission in the form of the permit by the chairman to go on solo raids. Also, while the reporters and Hunters association officials stand back, Jin-Hui & Jin-Woo are in the front of the gate standing still. In general, many hunters were waiting for a long time for Ah-Jin Guild’s first official raid. In order to take care of all the formal work for the raid, the head of the monitoring division, Win Jin-Cheol, is already there.

Jin-Woo summonsed twenty creatures when Jin-Hui asked him about the mining team, which they would need in the raid. Also, Woo Jin-Cheol measures the magic power of summons by Jin-Woo with the help of measuring tape after asking Jin-Woo. After measuring the summons by Jin-Woo, Jin-Cheol’s brows shoot high because all summons were A ranks or high B ranks, after which he was totally sure that Jin-Woo could easily take care of the guild solo.

They heard the sound of Woo Jin-Cheol in armor when both Yu Jin-hui & Jin-Woo are about to enter the gate, asking if he can be a part of the raid, too, as he can learn from Jin-Woo raids, and also Chairman asked him so. To the request of Woo Jin-Cheol, Jin-Woo finally agrees, and they entered the gate. They entered the dungeon; meanwhile, Go Gun-Hee is worrying about the raid. After three hours, Woo Jin-Cheol knocked on his door and told the chairman of the whole invasion’s story.

Also, if you haven’t read the previous chapter or want to refresh your memory, here is the summary: The chapter opens with a scene of Beru fighting Archlich. With just one stab, Beru pulled out Archlich’s core, causing him to die without yawning. The surrounding undead also gradually collapsed. The Knights Guild Hunters felt overwhelmed by Beru’s strength. They realized that Jin-Woo was completely able to wipe out any dungeon or guild he wanted with just this mighty summoning army. The Knights Guild president intended to associate with Jin-Woo’s guild. He thought that no matter how strong he was, Jin-Woo could not break the rules of forming a team by conquering the gates.

The chapter continues with the setting at Jin Ah’s school. At this point, everything has ended. The ambulance is working continuously to bring the injured students to the hospital. The Orcs had swept almost the whole thing, only 213 lucky students who escaped from the beginning were unharmed and 10 other students were rescued afterwards. Jin-Woo sat in the car with Go Gun-Hee to the hospital. The president said that the number of gates is appearing exponentially more and more around the world. Besides, the number of people awakening is also increasing. Obviously something is changing.

Go Gun-Hee revealed that there are many other countries wanting to have Sung Jin-Woo. Gun-Hee did not force Jin Woo, but he was willing to give everything to the S-rank hunter in order to keep him in Korea. Without hesitation, Jin Woo asked to conquer the high-class dungeons alone. At the office Yoo Jin Ho is calling his sister Yoo Soo-Hyun, a level A hunter. He wants to invite her to join Ah-Jin. After listening to the guild master, Soo Hyun agreed to meet Jin Woo the next day.

The story continued with the debate at the Hunter’s Association. The other members of the association completely disagreed with Jin Woo’s claim. They assumed that Gun Hee seemed to be pampering the new S-ranker too much. Gun Hee said that it was a privilege. In order to keep Jin Woo, the hunter many times stronger than other S-rank hunters, he readily accepted that.

At the end of the chapter, we see Cha-Hae-In go crazy when he sees Jin Woo posing with Yoo Soo-Hyun.

Predictions – Solo Leveling Latest Chapter

Cha-Hae-In will soon meet Jin Woo to clarify everything. She also warned him of the reminder that Byung Gyu left before he died.

Jin-Woo’s sister must be fine. With his carefulness, Jin-Woo will leave a stronger summon to protect Jin Ah and his mother. That summon is most likely Beru, the one who can speak human language and is the most powerful of the summons.

The fact that Jin Woo was able to conquer the dungeon alone will cause a huge wave of public opinion. Besides, Jin-Woo’s closing speed is also extremely fast. Sooner or later he will have to find a private place to hunt. Maybe Jin-Woo will go to Japan, where it has just lost a lot of hunters to level up.

Solo Leveling Chapter 122: Release Date

Chapter after Chapter, Solo Leveling is giving us great content, and now the latest chapter is available, we are desperately waiting for the release date of Chapter 122 – Solo Leveling manga.

The upcoming chapter of Solo Leveling manga will be available on 7th October, probably as almost all chapters of Solo Leveling Season 2 were published on Wednesday only. For English readers, we may have to wait a little longer for the English translation.

Here, we have the time of release for three different timezones:

  • 10 PM – 2 AM [For IST Timezone]
  • 11 AM – 1 PM [For Pacific Timezone]
  • 12 PM – 3 PM [For Eastern Timezone]

Where to read Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 122?

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