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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 121

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 121 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 121 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, Jin Woo began to vent his rage on the orcs. Ber also encountered Archlich’s last boss and gave him a hole in the middle of his chest. What will happen next?


Solo Leveling Chapter 121: Latest Spoilers

According to Archlich’s words, it seems that this guy and the magic beasts in the dungeon were related to Jin-Woo’s power. Could this be the army of the Dark Emperor in the past?

Either way, Archlich would quickly be defeated by Ber. In the next chapter, the Knights guild hunters, and we will see Ber unleash his full power to fight the high-level magic beast. Ber will soon launch more attacks on Archlich to finish the name “dead to the place still talk.”
The demonic beasts were always forced to kill by a certain voice. This must be the work of the remaining emperors. The fact that Jin Woo is not considered a highly capable human is due to the fact that he has the power of the Dark Emperor. Is it possible that Jin Woo will become a vessel for this king in the future?

In the next chapter, everything will be settled. The dungeon conquest ended, the school event was also pacified by Jin-Woo. After this time, Jin Woo’s reputation will be even worse than before.

Also, if you haven’t read the previous chapter or want to refresh your memory, here is the summary: After frightening the Orc chief, causing him to almost poop on his pants, Jin-Woo patted his sister and asked the students. All have not suffered any injuries. However, seeing Jin Ah crying in fear, Jin Woo’s rage exploded even more! Jin Woo summons Igris and orders him to protect Jin Ah. The students were also evacuated outside, thanks to the shadow warriors. Even though they wanted to stop them, the Orcs still couldn’t move an inch under pressure Jin Woo exerted. Outside, Kaiser stretched her wings, helping the students escape. The evacuation of ordinary people is being carried out very smoothly by Jin Woo. Seeing that scene, the name from the chief began to ask about Jin Woo’s identity. Without a reply, Jin-Woo stood still like a bomb waiting to detonate.

Realizing that nothing else could be done, the chief ordered the Orcs to rush to destroy Jin Woo. With a too cool demeanor, Jin-Woo blocked all attacks and defeated the Orcs without spending any effort. Step by step, Jin Woo was walking towards the chief. The Orcs became panicking. They frantically rushed at Jin Woo like burning himself. One by one, they were instantly killed with the hands of the rank hunter S. Jin Woo then grabbed the chief and looked at the students’ corpses. He asks why monsters keep killing. The chief trembled replied, “There is a voice that always urges us to do it.” However, that voice didn’t make them kill Jin Woo. You are not considered “them” to be human.

The chapter continues with the situation inside a dungeon in Busan. Thanks to Beru and the ant soldiers, the hunter team quickly reached the boss battle room – Archlich. From outside the room, the demons that had been destroyed had also revived and were flocking in.

Archlich told Beru: “Why did the king’s army attack me?”. Beru replied, “We have been chosen. Not you.” Shortly after that, Beru rushed forward, stabbing Archlich deeply in the chest. The chapter ends here.

Solo Leveling Chapter 121: Release Date

Solo Leveling is scheduled for release late at night on September 30th. The spoiler prediction will be updated at the earliest.

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