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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 120

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 120 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 120 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, The Orcs Leader has appeared. Just when he was about to kill Jin Ah, Jin-Woo arrived! How will Jin Woo destroy the Orcs?


Solo Leveling Chapter 120: Latest Spoilers

It is understood that the next chapter will be a great tragedy for stupid Blue Orcs who dare to touch the sister of S-rank hunter Sung Jin Woo. Jin Woo has never been so angry like this before, so there’s a high chance he will completely destroy them! Apparently, Jin-Woo wouldn’t summon these guys as his subordinates either!

Grogtar, at the same time, summons all Orcs from the exit to attack Jin Woo. This suicidal act will take Jin Woo one or two levels up.

Inside the dungeon, Beru and the ant warriors will wipe out all without the assistance of hunters. However, if it is true that Undead monsters obey Jin Woo, when he leaves, they will also be more bloodthirsty and aggressive.

Also, if you haven’t read the previous chapter or want to refresh your memory, here is the summary: The chapter opens with a picture of High Orcs (Red) continuously making merits while slashing the Orcs (Blue) raggedly in front of many students. These children cannot believe that these strange monsters are protecting them. Inside the gate, information about Red had reached the ears of the Blue Orc chief – Grogtar. Angry that the servants could not do anything about the Reds, Grogtar picked up his ax and said, “The hunting expedition begins!”

In a dungeon in Busan, the Knights guild hunters were heavily guarded by ant warriors. Even though they understood that they were allies, the hunters continued to fear them. Beru faced the guild master of the Knights, carefully observing the master, forcing him to guard. As soon as the hunter asked, Beru dashed away and returned to the head of a high-level magic beast – the Death Knight. This action by Beru made the hunters feel safer. They began to rearrange the instrument room and continued to move inside.

The school story continues. Other than their original overwhelming supremacy, the High Orcs are now being threatened by Grogtar. However, no matter how many times the chief slashed, the High Orcs restored their status quo. This is the effect of Jin Woo’s skill. Although he wanted to defeat the High Orc, Grogtar’s mind kept resounding his quest to kill humans. The Orcs began to go crazy and rushed towards Jin Ah. The High Orcs tried to protect her but could not stop them all. Grogtar took advantage of the opportunity to grab Jin Ah’s head. Just as Grogtar was about to crush the girl’s head, he suddenly became strangely afraid. The chief felt very clearly that a too frightening force was approaching. It is none other than Jin Woo!

Jin Woo and Kaiser flew straight into the classroom, completely separating the Orcs and the students. The S-rank hunter examined his sister’s situation, then turned to Grogtar directly, saying, “Shut up and stand still for me, head cut!”. The chapter ends here.

Solo Leveling Chapter 120: Release Date

Solo Leveling chap 120 is scheduled to release on September 24th. Information spoiler prediction will be updated in the shortest time.

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