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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 119

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 119 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 119 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, what will happen after receiving news from the High Orcs, Jin-Woo left Bere to assist the hunters and immediately flew to Jin Ah. Let’s find out!


Solo Leveling Chapter 119: Latest Spoilers

In chapter 119 of Solo Leveling, we will see the Red team selling to the Blue team most enthusiastically and violently possible. Blue will call for 500 more brothers from the dungeon, using the amount to suppress the Red.

Although the summons is quite good, the Reds won’t be able to fight with too many opponents. They will soon be exhausted and have to find a way to rescue Jin Ah from the classroom.

The leader of the Blue hasn’t appeared yet. Chances are he will go to war and destroy three High Orc warriors.
On the last pages, Jin-Woo will appear. The dark emperor will prove his power and wipe out all the Blue from the school.

Also, if you haven’t read the previous chapter or want to refresh your memory, here is the summary: The Orcs (let’s call them Blue) were targeting Jin Woo’s little sister. Just as an axe tried to chop her in half, a High Orc warrior (call him Red) emerged from Jin Ah’s shadow. This is a summon Jun Woo installed to protect his sister!

Red kicked and knocked Blue into the sky, ending the chain of Blue’s victories. Immediately after that, two other Reds appeared, lined up like a specific squad from Marvel and ready to fight the Blue. High Orc Assemble! The chapter continues with the situation inside a dungeon in Busan. The Knights guild hunters were facing off against a Two-Headed Orge. This monster is called “grave keeper”. Seeing it from the moment, he entered it signalled that this dungeon was filled with ferocious undead.

However, when entering, the undead did not attack the hunters; on the contrary, they were very respectful. It seems that this is the effect of Jin Woo’s appearance. Suddenly, Jin-Woo felt a bad premonition. The summons was informing him that something terrible was happening. Jin Woo told the hunters that he had to leave immediately. To ensure the safety of the conquest, Jin-Woo left Ber and 20 other ant warriors. Jin Woo ordered Ber to protect all humans and the monsters from handling it at will.

The hunters expressed dissatisfaction. They fear the monster from Jeju Island and ask him to stay. Jin Woo glanced, intimidated everyone, and left in the horror of the Knights. Jin Woo ran back to the gate. Undead suddenly blocked the way. Just when Jin Woo was about to destroy them all, the undead immediately knelt in front of him. Jin Woo understands that this is the effect that comes from his career. He summoned Kaisel and quickly flew over to Jin Ah.

Solo Leveling Chapter 119: Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 119 is scheduled to be released late at night on September 16. Prediction information, the spoiler will be updated in the shortest time.

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