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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 118

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 118 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 118 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, we saw hunter Sung-Jin planning to raid A rank dungeon as the plot of Solo Leveling manhwa grows. Apart from this, a new gate was opened in a School where Kid’s saw the gate closely. Unluckily, monsters came out of the gate as it was a broken gate, not a regular one, and they started rushing the kids. 

When the monsters were attacking the school Kid’s, the hunter association was informed about a school student’s situation. Jin-An, Sung Jin-Woo’s sister, was also near there because it was her school, and she hoped for her sibling to save her from these orcs. In the next scene, Sung Jin-Woo is going inside the dungeon. In Chapter 118 of Solo Leveling, we may see Sung Jin-Woo fighting the orcs and protecting her sister, Jin-An.


Solo Leveling Chapter 118: Latest Spoilers

In the former chapter of Solo Leveling, a little bit about the description of Green Orcs, who made an entrance through the dungeon, was described. When it comes to hunting and tracking, they are far more skilled than human beings. These monsters plan to attack the kid’s in the school. They barred the escape route and killed a lot of students in just a few minutes. They also felt a little magic from Sung Jin-Ah, so they chose to kill her first. 

It will also be interesting to see how hunter Sung Jin-Woo will save his sister from Green Orcs after he, along with elite members of Knights Guild, have entered the A rank dungeon. On the other hand, Knight Guild hunters will battle against twin-headed red orcs known as the Orcs revolution kings. We will see their spirit of fighting and cooperation, while Sung Jin-Woo will only assure that they won’t get killed. 

In the meantime, Green Orcs boss will advance to finish Sung Jin-Ah. For Jin-Ah’s protection, three high-grade Orcs’ shadows will rise from her shadow. Orcs King Tusk, along with the other two high-grade shadows, will immediately kill Green Orcs boss. Hunter Sung Jin-Woo shadows summons to guard his sister, which Jin-Ah understood.  He will summon his best four shadows, including Beru, after choosing to hurry to school while keeping hunters secure. Beru was directed by Hunter Sung Jin-Woo to slay all the leftover orcs without harming other hunters. Solo Leveling Chapter 118 is going to be exciting.

Solo Leveling Chapter 118: Release Date

All the chapters in Solo Leveling S2 are better than another, and the authors are pulling strong to keep this impulse going to meet the expectations of enthusiasts. Chapter 118 of Solo Leveling manhwa is said to be published on 9th September. 

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