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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 115

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 115 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 115 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, Adam White and Lady Selner were back in David Brennon’s place. Adam reported that they were unable to recruit Sung Jin Woo. After Lady Selner checked it out, Hunter Sung was confirmed to be of equal strength to a national level hunter.


Solo Leveling Chapter 115: Latest Spoilers

Ms. Selner explained that the hunters were all connected and borrowed power from an unknown source. Her ability allows the hunter to communicate with the other party’s power, thereby “raking” them up. Naturally, the greater the energy, the brighter the light from the source will be. But in Jin Woo’s case, there was no connection at all; there was only a deep shadow looking back at her. Lady Selner confirmed that Jin Woo did not borrow power from anyone; it came from himself. This means that Jin Woo has no limits.

David then leads Adam down to basement 24. There is a part of the terrifying monster coming from the S-class gate: the Fire Dragon Kamish. In the past, to defeat this dragon, America had to call on the help of the world’s top hunters. They managed to defeat it in the end, but only five people survived. Those five people were later awarded by the US the title of “national hunter.”

In the basement, David shows Adam the “gift” left by Kamish, a magic stone for a mage. Until now, the magic stone is still waiting for someone who deserves to appear to possess it. Also, Kamish’s skeleton was carefully preserved in a giant cage.

The story goes back to Jin-Woo, who is at home with his sister. After accepting Hae-In’s confession, he did not look at all flustered but also somewhat satisfied. Jin Woo asked Jin-Ah what he should name the guild to suggest “Ah Jin” with the meaning of “personal development.”

At Hae In’s house, the hunter is too embarrassed after admitting her feelings for a crush. While blushing and thinking about Jin-Woo’s strong salvation, Hae In suddenly remembered a strange voice that sounded as she was near death on Jeju Island. That voice belonged to Min Byung Gyu. He texted Hae-In: “Tell him to be careful, be careful with his strength.” The chapter ends here.

Solo Leveling Chapter 115: Release Date

Solo Leveling Manga’s first chapter of Season 2 was published on Saturday. Then the schedule shifted, and now all the forthcoming chapters will be published every Wednesday-Thursday as per your timeline. Solo Leveling Season 2 will publish chapter 115 of the manhwa on Thursday, August 20, 2020.

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