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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 111

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 111 | Solo Leveling Manhwa

In Chapter 111 of Solo Leveling manhwa, it has finished its first season. Season one concluded with prefiguring the actual truth behind Sung Jin-woo’s powers and the Jeju Island raid. I want to make some speculations about the future of Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 111.

Here at Sololevelingchapters.com, we would like to share details about Solo Leveling Chapter 111 release date, Spoilers, and raw scans. Solo Leveling season one ended at a crucial point as authors concluded it when a new arc was going to start and the Jeju island arc was finished. 

Considering Solo Leveling Chapter 111 has been postponed due to covid-19, fans of the manhwa can’t wait for the announcement of season 2 and see Jin-Woo creating his guild with Chae-In. 


Solo Leveling Chapter 111: Latest Spoilers

Is there any particular purpose for Red Gate’s appearance, or will it be cleared out without any trouble? We think that it won’t be a significant obstacle for Jim to clear the Red Gate, but Season 2, Chapter 111, will only show a glimpse of this scene. The new guild of Jin-Woo was specified in Chapter 110. We can see Aj-Jin being hired by Jin-Woo and recruiting some other members for the guild for the upcoming season. 

As Jin-Woo allows his guildmates to evolve beside him, we may also anticipate few guild missions in season 2. One another desired member who may join his guild may be Hunter Cha Hae-in as beforehand, we have seen her gazing at Jin-Woo. Sung Il-Hwan is also suspected of joining Jin-Woo’s guild. 

In Chapter 111 of Solo Leveling, we also anticipate grasping more knowledge about the System and the anonymous selves detected during the Jeju Island arc. Those individuals have a similar type of wickedness that overwhelmed Jin-Woo during the extraction of Beru.

At the finale of Season 1, Jin-Woo mentioned an unfamiliar person. We have some ubiquitous questions regarding that individual: Who is he? And how do they know each other? Answers to these questions and many other unknown questions will be answered in Solo Leveling Chapter 111 in Season 2. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 111: Release Date

On August 1, 2020, Solo Leveling Season 2: Chapter 111 will be published. Hyeongun & Sungrak, after the end of Solo Leveling Season 1, took a small break before moving forward to delivering Season 2 of the Manhwa. 

In the year 2019, the authors of Manhwa, Solo Leveling, took a one month break due to illness and returned one week before, which shows their dedication and love towards Solo Leveling Manhwa. Chapter 111 of Solo Leveling can be delayed to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we will update you regarding the release date soon. 

Where to read Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 111?

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