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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 110


In Chapter 110 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, after two years, the Korean webtoon adapted from the novel Solo Leveling has come to the end of season 1. Returning home after a meeting with the US agent at home safely, Hunter Sung Jin-Woo is still leisurely. Driving in a traffic jam for kilometers. At this time, Jin Woo received a phone call from President Go Gun-Hee announcing the appearance of a rank B gate in the middle of the road, which was the cause of the prolonged traffic congestion.

Upon arriving, Jin Woo quickly got to work but was stopped by security guards without the orders of the Korean Hunter Association’s chairman. Of course, President Gun Hee completely trusted Jin Woo’s power and allowed him to enter rank B alone, a rare exception because it required a large guild to handle. As soon as Jin Woo entered, the gate was closed and turned red, signaling a fierce battle within. Jin Woo now easily wipes out the red gate, though his mind is more about hunting and being hunted. At the end of chapter 110, Jin Woo made no secret of his intention to switch to a larger hunting goal.

This detail also closes season 1 of Solo Leveling. According to the publisher’s announcement, the studio will take a short break before returning to season 2.


Solo Leveling Chapter 110: Latest Spoilers

After the war on Jeju Island ended, Jin Woo’s name became more and more popular and led to attention from hunter organizations in other countries. Knowing that Jin Woo defeated an S-rank monster named Ant King, the US Hunter Bureau was trying to recruit him by introducing an upgrade to Jin Woo. However, the upgrade was unsuccessful due to the mysterious endless darkness inside Jin Woo and he himself had unlimited power.

Following the previous chapter, after the meeting with Jin Woo, President Go Gun Hee received the notice that there is a B-rank portal opening on a street. If it was a B-rank portal, then ordinary hunter organizations could not be cleaned up immediately. Just when the chairman was about to contact a large guild, he suddenly remembered the street near Jin Woo’s office. In the meantime, Jin Woo is stuck right on the road with the gate open. Jin Woo recalled the moment when Selner was scared when looking into his eyes. He wondered what Selner had seen. After that, President Go Gun Hee’s call came and he asked Jin Woo to destroy the gate.

Under the chairman’s permission, Jin Woo approached the gate in amazement from the people around it. An employee nearby stopped Jin Woo with the reason that even though Jin Woo was an S-rank hunter, he could not turn a blind eye to him entering the gate without his permission. The incident was only resolved when Jin Woo gave the phone to the employee to talk to the chairman. He entered the gate immediately after.

After Jin Woo entered, the gate turned red to the surprise of the people around him. Turning back to Jin Woo, he discovered this was a red gate as soon as he entered because the exit was blocked. He humbly guessed that he had to fight hard to get out of here. Jin Woo remembered what his mother said, that if he carries the power of an S-rank hunter, he must save as many people as his father did. Jin Woo decided to settle the gate within a day. At the end of the chapter, hunters such as Cha Hae In, Beak Yoon Ho, Choi Jong In, Ma Dong Wook and several other important characters continue their daily lives. This is also the last chapter of webtoon Solo Leveling season 1. According to the announcement from the author, season 2 of the series will soon be released to readers in the near future.

Readers will watch the next season of Solo Leveling to follow Sung Jin Woo’s journey to conquer the top.

Solo Leveling Chapter 110: Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 110 has already been released. You can enjoy reading Solo Leveling Manhwa chapter 110. Stay tuned for further updates in the future!

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Chapter 110 SL Plot

After meeting with Selner, Jinwoo fell into his own thoughts while jostling with traffic on the road ahead.

He wondered if she had seen such a frightening old thing inside him. Can you see traces of the system? But the system sometimes makes difficult requests, but it’s never really scary.

He told himself that the system is the best support person, not a threat.

“Can we contact you the next day?”

As soon as the woman heard the deputy director’s words, her entire body trembled, terror emanating from her like boiling steam.

Jinwoo had a feeling that, even though he decided to see them again, the woman would do everything possible to avoid him. Her body language reveals it all.

Jinwoo thought, maybe her power is not working on him; After all, his strength had a lot of difference compared to ordinary Hunters.

‘If that’s the case, then I don’t need to waste time there.’

And so he told the FBH Deputy Director that there was no need to contact him again. With a stubborn refusal, he bid them goodbye. The FBH deputy director’s stunned form was still clearly in Jinwoo’s mind.

‘Anyway, why is the traffic so bad?’

Right now there was a phone call and it was from the association president and informed him that a B-class gate had appeared in the middle of the street and asked him to take care of that gate.

When Jinwoo got there, he was immediately asked to get permission from the association before he could enter this portal from a female employee of the association because she is a very disciplined person and takes care of the safety. of the hunters.

Jinwoo then gave her a call from the association president and he slowly walked inside the gate.

Suddenly, the gate turned red and was extremely scary now.

Here Jinwoo realizes that this is a Red Gate, he remembers his mother and the reason why he fell in love with his father and is now surrounded by monsters. All you will do is destroy them all within 1 day