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In Chapter 109 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, after being carried to the safe house of the US agent in the previous chapter, Jin Woo was confronted by a very attractive invitation, advertised as the only one in the world. It is the character who has the ability to increase the power of the awakened person, known as the Upgrad, Norma Selner.

According to this very attractive introduction, Ms. Selner has the ability to upgrade a hunter three times, each time increasing the limit power by 30%. However, Selner’s ability is said to be unable to perform continuously due to the very loss of energy and the need to rest for a long time. With this attractive invitation, Jin Woo finally understood why Hunter Hwang Dong-Su left Korea to come to America. To express his goodwill even more, the US agent decided to give Hunter Jin Woo the first gift, which is to upgrade his power immediately and always.

While the US agent is quite confident in convincing Jin Woo to join the Americans, the protagonist himself is both curious and calm at this first time. However, when Selner had just entered Jin Woo’s spirit, she immediately had to scream and step out. 

This made the US agents quite worried and suggested Jin Woo leave to focus on taking care of Mrs. Selner. At this point, Mrs. Selner revealed the reason why she was so scared. As she looked deeply into Jin Woo’s mind, she saw the endless shadow looking back at her, and that Hunter Jin Woo had no limited power.


Solo Leveling Chapter 109: Latest Spoilers

After the war on Jeju Island ended, Jin Woo’s name became more and more popular and led to attention from hunter organizations in other countries. Knowing that Jin Woo defeated an S-rank monster named Ant King, the US Hunter Bureau was trying to recruit him. In the last chapter, Deputy Director Michael Connor introduced to offer a very attractive condition to Jin Woo, that the upgrade named Selner will appear and meet Jin Woo right here.

At the beginning of the chapter, Ms. Selner appeared as Michael introduced, she was the only person in the world who could help awakened people break their limits. During this time, Jin Woo quietly observed Selner and saw that Selner was not like the other awakened people. Often the concept of upgrading is hard to believe because no one can break their limits. Without awakening, the awakened ones cannot be ranked higher. In short, Selner’s ability was to help hunters overcome their limit through three steps, but she was not sure whether to call this ability to awaken or strengthen. However, each time after Selner used his power, he would have to rest for a long time, so the number of people who upgrade each year is very small. This is considered a favor for those chosen, implicitly alluding to Jin Woo.

According to Selner, the effectiveness of the upgrade varies from person to person, but if all three steps are taken, the power can increase by at least 20%, or up to 30%. Hearing this, Jin Woo seems to be able to understand why S-rank hunter Hwang Dong Su is determined to come to the US despite being criticized by domestic public opinion. If this ability of Selner was known to many people, she would be in danger. Therefore, Selner always accompanies the American Hunter Bureau and enhances the power of designated people. Mrs. Selner’s ability is the “gift” of the American hunter for Jin Woo.

However, Jin Woo realizes this is not really a “gift” but more like an agreement. If Jin Woo comes to America, Michael guarantees that he will be the first to enjoy this benefit and can choose to join whatever association he wants. Immediately after, Jin Woo underwent the first step of the upgrade process. Selner suggested that he look her in the eye, and Michael was extremely confident Jin Woo would waver at this very attractive proposal. However, all of Michael’s thoughts suddenly collapsed when Selner upgraded Jin Woo failed. Selner was extremely scared, causing the agents standing nearby to misunderstand and draw guns with Jin Woo, but Michael promptly stopped it. Jin Woo was also surprised and did not understand why Selner was so scared.

At the end of the chapter, Jin Woo leaves while not being upgraded. Ms. Selner asserted that Jin Woo is a “king” with extremely powerful power and unlike anyone she has met. When Selner stared into Jin Woo’s eyes, she discovered the endless darkness that existed inside Jin Woo and it was observing her. Selner came to the conclusion that Jin Woo’s powers have no limits but others.

Readers will watch the next developments of Solo Leveling to follow Sung Jin Woo’s journey to conquer the top.

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Chapter 109 SL Plot

In this new episode of Solo Leveing ​​we will see the true identity of Lady Selner and Jin Woo’s surprise for her.

And she added that after tasting my power once, they wanted more.

Ms. Selner will explain to Jin Woo about the limits that people always have that cannot be overcome and this is very well understood by Jinwoo because if they are not awakened, their power will never change.

Jin Woo doubts and Mrs. Jinwoo confirmed it confidently and with delight.

Accordingly, her ability to upgrade can be raised to 3 separate development stages, but she is sure to call it forcing others to change or unleashing their hidden abilities, but she will only be able to give This special gift for only 5 hunters within 1 year.

And the strength gain after receiving the process will range from 20% to 30% of the original strength.

 Sung Jinwoo wondered if information about this power was leaked out, how many people would crave it. That is why the US government keeps her secrets very carefully, they always protect her safety and she will help the US government upgrade the power of the S-rank hunters they want.

With the promise of becoming an American citizen, Sung Jinwoo will receive benefits from this “gift” immediately. Sung Jinwoo also had the right to choose any guild he wanted to join.

This also doesn’t have to be urgent. At this point, Mrs. Selner will help Sung Jinwoo expand his strength with the first step.

 Sung Jinwoo and Mrs. Selner held hands and she looked deep inside of him. The deputy director believes that anyone who has passed step 1 will be attracted to this power and will immediately sign the decision to change into a US citizen.

Mrs. Selner looked inside and what she felt was a deep and deep darkness, there was a cold face that threatened to frighten her and scream. Immediately she pulled back and was afraid to say anything more.

The deputy director’s bodyguards immediately drew their guns and pointed at Sung Jinwoo, when the deputy director scolded him for daring to point the gun at an S-rank hunter.

The deputy director also reminded that, if the pointing of this gun happened in front of Thomas Andre or Lui Zhigang, we would all be dead.

Realizing that Selner did not seem well, the deputy director invited Sung Jinwoo to leave so that she could take care of her.

When Sung Jinwoo left, Ms. Selner feared and said, “He is a king and he has absolutely no limit of strength”.