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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 108


In Chapter 108 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, Jin-Woo talked with President Go Gun Hee about applying for a guild and exploiting more information about the advantages of becoming an S-rank hunter. But the conversation ended soon as President Go had to meet with the guest.

On the way home, Jin Woo was approached by American intelligence and wanted to provide important information that he needed to know. Jin Woo accepted and learned of the existence of an awakened hunter capable of powering the awakened one, known as the Upgrade.

Upon arrival, Jin Woo was granted the papers to immigrate to the US, and with just one sentence, you can instantly grant your US citizenship. However, what Jin Woo needs is essential information about the person who has the same strength. This episode also closes chapter 108 here. Returning after the successful raid on Jeju Island, S-rank hunter Sung Jin-Woo suddenly became a hot topic for Korean netizens. However, there are still many opinions that Jin Woo’s late arrival caused the hunters to die unjustly, even though this raid had the lowest casualty rate compared to the four previous failures.

At a ceremony to visit the hunters who died in the raid, S-rank hunter Beak Yoon Hoo took on responsibility for the death of S-rank hunter Min Byeong Gu, helping to clear the confusion in Jin Woo’s heart.


Solo Leveling Chapter 108: Latest Spoilers

Sung Jin Woo’s name was widely known in Korea after the Jeju Island campaign. Arguably one of the best parts of the webtoon Solo Leveling, the thrilling and dramatic battle of Korea’s most powerful hunters in the Ant God’s S-class dungeon on Jeju Island, has attracted immense attention readers. This dangerous and interesting confrontation has come to an end and opened up the next equally exciting developments.

The chapter opens with Jin Woo visiting a memorial service for the hunters who died in the campaign. After the Jeju Island campaign ended, the public began to pay more attention to Jin Woo. This is Jin Woo’s first official campaign to succeed after becoming an S-rank hunter. Many thought he could become a national hunter and admire him, but others did not. These people said that if Jin Woo came earlier or joined the campaign initially, Min Byung Gyu would not have died. Meeting at the ceremony, Baek Yoon Ho assumed that he was wrong to think that a “lone hero” like Jin Woo couldn’t end a battle alone. He thanked Jin Woo. In addition to Baek Yoon Ho, Jin-Woo also caught Cha Hae In’s hidden and shy glance right after that.

To sum it up, the 5th Jeju Island campaign had 4801 participating hunters, 96 deaths, and the last casualty of all previous campaigns.

During his meeting with President Go Gun Hee, Jin-Woo expressed his intention to form a guild of his own and was approved by the chairman. Also, the incident where the Knights Association’s A-rank and B-rank hunters had their memories erased while cleaning and collecting magic crystals on the island was mentioned and questioned by Jin Woo. At the end of the appointment with the president, the US Hunter Bureau senior manager Adam White appeared and met Jin Woo. After the introduction, Adam suddenly wanted to exchange “exclusive” information; only the side he knew for Jin Woo. Adam’s deputy director was excited and wanted to meet Jin Woo immediately after the Jeju Island campaign. Jin Woo originally intended to refuse until he heard the word “Upgrader” (the upgrade) from Adam.

According to Adam, upgraders are awakened people who can enhance the power of another awakened person. With such fascinating information, Jin-Woo changed his mind and followed Adam to meet Deputy Director Michael Connor. Michael wanted to recruit Jin Woo by giving him US citizenship immediately, but Jin Woo refused and was only interested in the upgrade. Chapter 108 ends at a moment when a new character is about to appear, causing great curiosity to readers. Solo Leveling has also been licensed for distribution in Vietnam, so the Vietnamese translation has been removed from the websites. Thus, readers have to wait a very long time to continue reading the Vietnamese version of the series, while Solo Leveling is making very long development steps in terms of content. However, readers can still grasp the series’s following details through the latest Solo Leveling updates on GameK.

Readers will watch the subsequent developments of Solo Leveling to follow Sung Jin Woo’s journey to conquer the top.

Solo Leveling Chapter 108: Release Date

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Chapter 108 SL Plot

Chapter 108 of Solo Leveling will bring viewers a lot of information regarding the awakened hunter and some other mysterious characters.

In the latest chapter of the Manhwa Solo Leveling series, the battle between Korean S-rank hunters in Ant Chua’s S-class dungeon on Jeju island has attracted a lot of attention from readers. This is one of the most dangerous confrontations and is looking forward to the team, but it has also come to an end with new developments in this series unfolding.

Chapter 108 begins with Jin Woo’s images arriving at the hunters’ memorial service who died in this campaign. After the Jeju Island campaign ended, public opinion began to focus more on Jin Woo.

This is also the first campaign to mark the success of Jin Woo as an S rank hunter, and many believe that he can become a national hunter, while at the same time admiring him. However, some others said that if he participated in this campaign in the first place, Hunter Min Byung Gyu would not sacrifice.

During the meeting at the ceremony, Baek Yoon Ho assumed that he was wrong to think a “lone hero” like Jin Woo could not end a battle. He also sent his thanks to Jin Woo. Not only Naek Yoon Ho but Jin Woo also saw a hidden look of female hunter Cha Hea In right after.

This 5th Jeju Island raid summed up a total of 4801 hunters participated, of which 96 died, and this was also the lowest number of casualties in all previous campaigns.

This was followed by a meeting between Jin Woo and only Go, Gun Hee, when he expressed his intention to form a private association, and the president also accepted him. Rank A and Rank B hunters suddenly erased their memories while cleaning, and collecting magic crystals was also mentioned to Jin Woo.

After the president’s conversation ended, the American Hunter Bureau’s senior manager Adam White suddenly appeared and wanted to meet Jin Woo. After his introduction, Adam wanted an “exclusive” exchange with Jin Woo immediately following the Jeju Island campaign. However, Jin-Woo decided to refuse until Adam suddenly revealed “Upgrader” (the upgraded).

According to Adam’s explanation, the upgraders can awaken as well as enhance their powers. With this exciting information, Jin-Woo immediately agreed to meet Deputy Director Michael Connor.

Here, Michale immediately expressed his intention to recruit Jin Woo and asked him to enter the US directly, but he refused, revealing that he was only interested in the upgrade. Chapter 108 ends with a moment when new characters appear, creating arousing curiosity for the reader.