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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 107


In Chapter 107 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, ending the raid on Jeju Island, it was unlikely that more surprises would appear. However, in the last 107 chapter, readers know more about many scary new characters’ appearance. The first is a Chinese S-rank hunter with the ability to destroy a colony of ants in the blink of an eye.

Then, in the United States, Thomas Andre, the owner of the Scavenger, was revealed. This is the guild of Hunter Hwang Dongsu, whose brother was destroyed in many chapters by the main character. According to Andre’s reaction, Scavenger will do everything to recruit and protect Jin Woo despite his previous conflict with Dongsu.

Return to Jeju Island, where low-tier hunters come to clear the end and scoop up the trophy. Two mysterious characters appeared, and with just one snap of their fingers, all fainted. These characters are on their way to find the main character to find out why he helped humans.


Solo Leveling Chapter 107: Latest Spoilers

The strongest hunter in China suddenly appeared and mentioned Sung Jin Woo.

Arguably one of the best parts of the webtoon Solo Leveling, the thrilling and dramatic battle of Korea’s strongest hunters in the Ant God’s S-class dungeon on Jeju Island, has attracted immense attention. Readers. This dangerous and interesting confrontation has come to an end because Ant King was destroyed, Korean S-rank hunters retreated to the mainland, and Sung-Jin Woo has an extra dark soldier. Ber.

The chapter begins with news that the surviving ants have flooded the East China Sea. Here, Chinese S-rank hunters are capturing and destroying most of the ants. He expressed regret when he could not beat Jin Woo’s opponent, Kien Vuong.

In the previous chapters, the information that Jin Woo defeated the Ant King was captured by hunting organizations in other countries exceptionally quickly. Not only the Chinese hunter was aware of this, in the United States, Scavenger owner Thomas Andre also started to pay attention to Jin Woo. Previously, this association’s member was S-rank hunter Hwang Dong Su had a conflict with Jin Woo. Thomas thinks that he will not leave anyone who touches his guild, even if it is Jin Woo.

On the third night of the campaign, the army and Knights of the Yeongnam region were on the island to collect magic crystals back on Jeju Island. While the hunters were working, two new characters appeared unexpectedly with a pretty “cool” look. One of them has a look that makes the reader think of a beast with fangs and fur on the costume.

To not cause a conflict between the two factions, the other had put the hunters on the scene to sleep. According to these two mysterious characters’ dialogue, the two went to Jeju Island because of tracking “him.” The fact that “he” helps humans makes two people extremely curious and surprised. In the end, the two decided to leave so as not to break through the jungle.

Readers will watch the subsequent developments of Solo Leveling to follow Sung Jin Woo’s journey to conquer the top.

Solo Leveling Chapter 107: Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 107 has already been released. You can enjoy reading Solo Leveling Manhwa chapter 107. Stay tuned for further updates in the future!

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