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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 106


In Chapter 106 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, the reader knows how much the Ant King is capable of. In the previous chapter, by summoning the soul of Ant King, Jin-Woo seems to have possessed the most potent soul ever.

The hunters fought off the ants, with each one of the same strength as B rank hunters. On the rank of General, the Ant King can converse with its owner. The Ant King also knew to ‘consult’ with Jin Woo about the Ant King’s abilities. Thanks to that, Jin-Woo decided not to use the Ant Queen because this creature has only one power, which is a reproduction, which cannot be done in spirit form.

With the remaining 4,000 ants on Jeju Island, the Ant King was assigned by Jin-Woo to destroy the rest. And without letting his master wait long, the Ant King immediately had a relatively calm display in front of the Korean hunters, who were fearlessly resisting hard on nearby warships.


Solo Leveling Chapter 106: Latest Spoilers

Arguably one of the best parts of the webtoon Solo Leveling, the thrilling and dramatic battle of Korea’s strongest hunters in the Ant God’s S-class dungeon on Jeju Island, has attracted immense attention. Readers. This dangerous and exciting confrontation came to an end because the Ant King was destroyed. The hunters returned together to the mainland, and Jin-Woo stayed on the island to gain experience in leveling up.

At the end of the previous chapter, Sung Jin-Woo extracted the shadow of Kien Vuong, and soon a new mighty shadow soldier was born. With a General’s Rank, this was the first time Jin Woo knew about its existence besides lower levels such as Elite, Knight, Knight. Jin Woo deduced that this new soldier’s strength would surpass all the soldiers he currently had because the Ant King’s vital force was already S-rank.

While Jin Woo wanted to extract the shadow of Ant God, unexpectedly, Kien Vuong asked to be named. Up to now, no shadow soldier can speak like a human. Kien Vuong was the first case that Jin Woo knew. The other shadow soldiers who used to be human-like Tusk, Iron, and Min Byung Gyu, when summoned, also can speak. Because of that, the only difference between the Ant King and the others is Rank. General’s Rank has helped Ant King to maintain his speaking ability while alive. Kien Vuong called Jin Woo “His Majesty” and showed great loyalty. Finally, the name that Jin Woo chose for this Shogun rank Shadow Soldier was “Beru.

Without stopping at Ber, Jin-Woo continued to extract the shadow of the Ant God. With the strength at the top of his lair, it is evident that the Rank of the Ant God is also the General. However, when the Ants were just extracted, the connection between Jin Woo and the ants was weakened. As Ber explained, the Ant God’s only ability is to control the ants, so when the Ant God is summoned, Jin Woo’s control will be given to it. Also, despite its high Rank, the Ant God’s energy is fragile. Since its power is only for reproduction, when there is nobody left, fertility is also lost. In Ber’s opinion, God Ants could not fight like other shadow soldiers. Realizing that the Ant God was not useful, Jin-Woo quickly decided to cancel its shadow extraction.

This time, he also did not take away the magic crystal but left it to rebuild Jeju Island in the future. Besides, Jin-Woo took another important object from Ber’s body. It was the radio that Japan’s number 1 hunter Goto Ryuji used. This promises to be an essential detail in the future storyline. Deep in the Ant God’s lair, the ants have been eliminated, but outside, there are still small ants who are confused because they have no command. Before the raid, there were a total of 8700 troops, after only about 4000. Jin Woo immediately ordered Ber to destroy the rest.

At the end of the chapter, the situation outside the island was quite tense as ants began to pour in. The hunters began to set up a battle to destroy them. However, the presence of Ber promises to be of great help to the hunters to kill the young ants quickly.

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