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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 105


In Chapter 105 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, with the summoning of the S-rank healer’s souls, Hunter Jin-Woo made all his eyes widen in surprise. After recovering Hunter Cha Hae-in, Jin-Woo fulfilled Hunter Back’s wish to free Hunter Byung-Gu’s soul.

Destroying the Ant King, the Korean hunter team withdrew from Jeju Island, but found that the Ant group was still quite crowded; Jin Woo admitted himself to stay in the rear. In front of the S-rank Korean hunters, Jin-Woo surprised everyone again when he summoned Kaisel Dragon Fly and hundreds of other souls to clean up the Ant King’s remnants. While Jin Woo was cleaning the end, in the US, the US Hunter Administration also discovered that the man Sung il-Hwan lost in the East of the United States was Jin Woo’s father. This is also the key for the US to try to recruit Jin Woo confidently.

Returning to Jeju Island, cleaning up the ants has helped Jin Woo reach level 100, not only that but he also successfully extracted Ant King’s soul. Up to now, this is Jin Woo’s most vital soul.


Solo Leveling Chapter 105: Latest Spoilers

Jin Woo successfully extracted Ant King’s shadow and possessed a mighty shadow soldier. Arguably one of the best parts of the webtoon Solo Leveling, the thrilling and dramatic battle of Korea’s strongest hunters in the Ant God’s S-class dungeon on Jeju Island, has attracted immense attention. Readers. This dangerous and exciting confrontation came to an end because the Ant King was destroyed. The hunters returned together to the mainland, and Jin-Woo stayed on the island to gain experience in leveling up.

In the previous chapter, after two failed shadow extracts of Min Byung Gyu, Jin-Woo finally successfully summoned a shadow soldier that could cure Cha Hae In. The hunters nearby are Ma Dong Wook, Choi Jong In, and even the A-rank reporter; after seeing this summoning ability, he was shocked.

At this time, Baek Yoon Ho saw Min Byung Gyu curing Cha Hae In; he was very touched to revisit his friend. Jin Woo also said that he was surprised that Min Byung Gyu did not give orders yet that Min Byung Gyu cured Cha Hae In, and Min Byung Gyu was the right person. However, this is no longer the Byung Gyu that Baek Yoon Ho knows. Heartbroken over your death, Yoon Ho asked Jin Woo not to summon Byung Gyu so that Byung Gyu could rest, and Jin-Woo agreed. After Cha Hae In was treated, all hunters left Jeju Island except Jin Woo. Jin Woo wants to stay to clear the ants on the island and gain experience to level up. He called Kaisel out and broke up with Baek Yoon Ho’s team. Meanwhile, the Japanese hunter who survived Goto Ryuji’s death was still haunted and frightened because the Ant King’s power was beyond everyone’s imagination. The Japanese side, after this failure, has begun to pay attention to Jin Woo.

Jin Woo returned to the island and began to destroy the remaining ants. While planning to clean up his inventory, he discovered the Sword item of Demon King Baran and decided to try it out after a long time waiting in the queue. It was a sword field with S rarity and was incredibly destructive.

The name of Jin Woo after this battle has caught the attention of hunting forces in other countries. In the US, the US Department of Hunters, David Brennon, wanted to lure Jin Woo and had information about him in hand. Besides, the US side has investigated hunter Sung Il-Hwan, Jin Woo’s father. Another A-rank hunter found Hunter Sung Il-Hwan in an A-rank dungeon in North America. However, the lure of Jin Woo has many obstacles and is unlikely to succeed.

Returning to Jin Woo, who was in the dungeon, he reached level 100 and started to execute his intentions. Jin Woo extracted the shadow from the body of Ant King and was briefly enveloped by darkness by the tremendous energy emanating from it. At the end of the chapter is a picture of a new shadow soldier with the “Cool” General’s rank, promising to become Jin Woo’s extremely powerful “junior.”

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