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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 104


In Chapter 104 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, the main character Sung Jin-Woo once again has a pretty cool performance in front of all the strongest S-level hunters in Korea. The first is the screen to completely dig before the Ant King in both speed, strength, and poison resistance. Next, Jin-Woo continued to overwhelm the number thanks to the ability to summon the dark army to defeat the ants of Ants. When attempting to run away, the Ant King was quickly captured by the skill ‘The Hand of the Ruler’ and took a series of fatal blows. Defeating the Ant King helps Jin Woo keep going up two levels.

However, at this time, hunter Cha Hae In was seriously injured and needed a healer to heal. At this time, the urgent solution was given by Jin-Woo was to summon the ghost of Hunter Min Byunggu, who was a healer but died in the previous chapter. After two failed attempts, Jin-Woo successfully summoned Min Byunggu and added a good quality healer to his army of darkness. Hunter Cha Hae In will most likely be saved in the next chapter and fall in love with Jin Woo.

Based on the light novel of the same name released long ago, webtoon Solo Leveling is currently attracting the attention of many readers around the world. This is partly due to the drawings of artists Hyeon Gun and Jang Sung Rak and the RPG elements’ elements in this Korean series.


Solo Leveling Chapter 104: Latest Spoilers

The dramatic battle between Jin Woo and Sung-Jin has finally come to an end. Arguably one of the best parts of the webtoon Solo Leveling, the thrilling and dramatic battle of Korea’s strongest hunters in the Ant God’s S-class dungeon on Jeju Island, has attracted immense attention. Readers. This dangerous and interesting confrontation has come to an end because, after a violent tit-for-tat, Sung Jin-Woo defeated Ant King and ended the war on Jeju Island.

At the end of the chapter, Sung-Jin appealed to the ants to get the majority to destroy Jin Woo. As for Jin Woo, he also summons his shadow soldiers to deal with the ants. The two sides have met each other and have fierce competition in the new chapter. Although the number is large, the ants cannot compare with Jin Woo’s powerful and well-organized shadow soldiers. Because of that, the ants were quickly destroyed by the shadow soldiers. Among the shadow soldiers of Jin Woo summoned this time was Tusk. According to Jin Woo’s orders, Tusk used his giant Hymn and Dragon Chant skills to deal with significant damage to the ants. The remarkable strength of Tusk surprised Ma Dong Wook and Lim Tae Gyu. The two even assumed that Tusk was not a summoner, but the demon king.

Meanwhile, witnessing the power of the army of darkness and Jin Woo, Sung-Jin begins to panic and intends to run away to preserve his life. However, Jin-Woo did not give Sung-Jin that opportunity. He realized that the Ant King, in addition to absorbing prey, had the healing powers of Min Byung Gyu. The Ant King increased the distance to escape but could not escape Jin Woo’s Rulership skill. Next, he activated the skill of Continuous Continuous slash and attacked vigorously. At this point, Sung-Jin was utterly defeated, and he was promoted.

However, Jin Woo was not happy when the situation on Cha Hae In’s side had deteriorated due to not being immediately rescued. At this time, Jin Woo’s shadow swap technique was no longer usable, so it was necessary to find a healer instantly. The cooldown remains, while Jin Woo has never tried to swap with others. Even using Kaisel could not save Hunter’s Father in time.

After thinking carefully, Jin-Woo suddenly asked the reporter to turn off the camera to confuse the people around him. He ordered the shadow soldiers to find the body of Min Byung Gyu to extract the shadow. Jin Woo chanted the voice command twice, but both pulled the defeat due to the will of Min Byung Gyu, who was resisting the summoning.

Jin Woo still refused to give up; he determined to extract again and had to accept Baek Yoon Ho’s prevention. Baek Yoon Ho began to doubt Jin Woo’s actual ability to control death. Ending the chapter is an image of a new shadow soldier appearing with a book in hand.

Solo Leveling Chapter 104: Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 104 has already been released. You can enjoy reading Solo Leveling Manhwa chapter 104. Stay tuned for further updates in the future!

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