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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 103


In Chapter 103 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, Jin-Woo’s punch this time hit the target and broke the Ant King’s armor. Not letting Ant King recover in time, Jin-Woo attacked continuously and fiercely. Ant King was not inferior and hit Jin Woo with a poisonous tongue. Ant King was satisfied because Jin-Woo was poisoned and wanted to finish him immediately.


Solo Leveling Chapter 103: Latest Spoilers

After the fight against the balance in the last chapter, Ant King is utterly inferior to Jin Woo. Arguably one of the best parts of the webtoon Solo Leveling, the thrilling and dramatic battle of Korea’s most powerful hunters in the Ant God’s S-class dungeon on Jeju Island, has garnered immense attention readers. This dangerous and interesting confrontation has reached its climax because Sung Jin Woo and Ant King have had an extremely thrilling tit-for-tat in recent chapters.

While the situation on the battlefields of Korean S-rank hunters was in danger, the Japanese hunter side was not any more fortunate. Japan’s strongest S-rank, Goto Ryuji, is dead; the plan has failed. The rest of the hunters didn’t have the strength to deal with the Ant King anymore, since it was a powerful S-rank monster even more. Back on the battlefield, when Ant King’s attack was about to reach, Jin-Woo quickly blocked and returned the attack to the Ant King’s surprise. It turned out that his body had automatically detoxified the poison, and he had a high level of sensitivity so he could sense the Ant King’s feelings at that time. However, Jin-Woo also has another worry: Cha-Hau-In’s position is burdensome and needs to resolve Ant King as soon as possible.

Jin Woo’s thoughts quickly turned into action, and he knocked Ant King down shortly after. However, Ant King dodged and flew up high. Ant King contemplated that its poison did not affect Jin-Woo; it was a waste of time to pitted against it, so the Ant King decided to use his strength – it was speed. Immediately after, the Ant King shrank his body to increase his speed and rushed towards Jin Woo. Jin Woo completely dodged it and used his dagger to strike back. He caught up to the Ant King’s speed and fired one after another, causing the Ant King to dodge, and its armor cracked. At this point, Jin-Woo activated Critical Strike, and this skill was upgraded to Continuous Slash.

Jin Woo started using Continuous Swash that made the Ant King unable to dodge. From the initial balance, Jin-Woo gradually overwhelms Ant King in all aspects. However, the Ant King still hadn’t given up and started using the last move. Ant King called on the ants to come to try to get the majority to overwhelm Jin-Woo. However, Ant King has “juniors,” Jin Woo also has shadow soldiers. At the end of the chapter is an image of ants and shadow soldiers appearing and confronting each other, promising the most epic battle ever since the beginning of the series.

The next chapters of Solo Leveling will be even more fascinating and full of surprises because the battle has added shadow soldiers and ants. Readers will watch the subsequent developments of Solo Leveling to follow Sung-Jin-Woo’s journey to conquer the top.

Solo Leveling Chapter 103: Release Date

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 103 will be published on 30th January 2020.

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