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Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 100


In Chapter 100 of Solo Leveling Manhwa, a picture of Baek Yoon Ho calling out Min Byeong-Gu in despair. In the previous chapter, Min Byeong-Gu was unable to avoid the Ant King’s attack and was pierced by the Ant King’s arm. However, Min Byeong-Gu’s death was even more painful because he was bloody chewed by the Ant King in his comrades’ horror.


Solo Leveling Chapter 100: Latest Spoilers

Korea’s most powerful hunters in the Ant God’s S-class dungeon on Jeju Island has garnered immense attention readers. This dangerous and interesting confrontation is about to reach the climax because, in the last chapter, the Ant King’s power has been revealed very strongly, and at the end of this chapter, Sung-Jin Woo is about to appear in battle. School and clash with Ant King. Angry at Min Byeong-Gu’s departure, Baek Yoon Ho rushed to attack Ant King but was quickly stopped by Ant King. Baek Yoon Ho also couldn’t keep the petrification state anymore but had to return to the human form. While struggling, Baek Yoon Ho heard Min Byeong-Gu’s voice coming from Ant King, telling him to run away. The reason is that the Ant King not only ate the meat of Min Byeong-Gu but also absorbed his strength and wisdom.

Capable of human language, Ant King immediately asked Baek Yoon Ho, who the “king” was. During this time, his comrades were utterly incapable of fighting against the Ant King anymore. Cha Hea In was still in a coma, Choi Jong In, and others were seriously injured. Fortunately, during an emergency, Ant King sensed another force of power nearby and dropped Baek Yoon Ho. When Ant King left, Baek Yoon Ho planned to leave the Ant God’s lair as quickly as possible. However, the ants lured away at the beginning returned and blocked the Korean hunters’ way. Meanwhile, the situation on the Japanese hunters’ side was equally confusing. Japan’s strongest hunter – Goto Ryuji and his teammates, lost contact with team C and D. Goto Ryuji decided to lead Team A to find the missing Team C and D. Soon after, Goto connected with the president Matsumoto.

In China, the war on Jeju Island, this time by Korean hunters, also attracted great attention. There was an opinion that Goto Ryuji could not be compared to the strongest Chinese hunter at that time, Liu Zhigang, and Goto Ryuji alone could not win this battle easily.

On Goto’s side, he found the body of his teammate and talked to President Matsumoto. Answering the president’s question, Goto said that the Korean team had 0% survived in this battle. Matsumoto intended to order Goto to withdraw his troops because the Korean team had failed. Both argue that their goal of destroying South Korean S-rank hunters has been successful. However, an unexpected incident struck when Goto had just decided to withdraw. The Ant King suddenly attacked one of the team members. Sensing the danger, Goto intended to let his remaining teammate escape and destroy the Ant King. During the fight, Goto felt the intense pressure coming from the Ant King, just like the feeling he had when confronting Sung Jin Woo. And Goto Ryuji couldn’t escape death either because the difference in strength between him and the Ant King was too significant.

In Ant Chua lair, Korean hunters are struggling to fight the ants. All pressure is on Choi Jong In because only he can use fire to stop the ants. At the moment that seemed like death would be occurred by the ants who avoided the fire of Choi Jong In, the black knight suddenly appeared and repelled the ants. At the end of the chapter, Sung Jin-Woo made fans too excited because he decided to go to the battlefield to defeat Ant King.

Solo Leveling Chapter 100: Release Date

The Solo Leveling manga is usually releasing a new chapter every Thursday, and that being said, expect to see Solo Leveling Chapter 100 on January 2, 2020.

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