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Read Solo Leveling Manga | Manhwa Online in High Quality from Chapter 1 to Chapter 130. So, before starting with introducing you with all the chapters of Solo Leveling Manga, let us briefly tell you about Solo Level Manga and Solo Level Novel.

Solo Leveling Manga or Manhwa | Novel – Datesheet

  • Original Title: Solo Leveling
  • Author: Sung-Lak Jang
  • Genres: Action – Adventure – Fantasy – Shounen – Webtoons
  • Status: Ongoing

Synopsis Of Solo Leveling Manga

In a world where random dimensional gates began to appear, connecting the real world to the world of monsters, Sung Jin-Woo, our protagonist, is one of the thousands of hunters around the world who are empowered to pass through said gates and enter the Dungeons to fight for the salvation of humanity. Sadly, Sung Jin-Woo is an E-rank hunter (the lowest of all), and having neither the money nor the ability to enter higher-level Dungeons, he is derided as »The Weakest Hunter of All».

One day, he and his team were trapped in a very difficult dungeon. This dungeon was hidden within a low range one. When he had already accepted his death, he received a strange power and a daily quest log that only he can see. Completing each mission in the log allows you to do something that no other hunter can do, level up. This is how little by little he manages to escape the misfortune of being the weakest hunter of all and begins to discover that being strong is not the only thing he will need to survive in this world.

Solo Leveling Manga (ボルト) Online in High Quality

Here is the list of all the chapters to Solo Leveling Manga. This list contains the Manga series from chapter 1 to chapter 130 of Solo Leveling Manga. Just click on the hyperlink given in each of the chapters and you can access the manga.

Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapters List

Solo Leveling Season 1 Plot:

The story takes us in the footsteps of Sung Jin Woo, a hunter named “the weakest in the world” when he only has an E-level strength. Although weak, Jin-Woo still tries to hold on to the job of a hunter because this is the best way for him to have enough income to take care of his sister and mother, who are in “eternal sleep” (a strange disease in the Solo Leveling world makes the sick person unable to wake up). During the conquest of a D-class gate, Jin Woo’s group was locked in a “double dungeon,” causing many people to die.

Jin Woo himself sacrificed himself to stay to rescue the survivors. He thought he would die here, but Jin Woo was “regained consciousness” and gained new strength. Waking up at the hospital, Jin-Woo noticed a strange display showing the tasks he performed. Through the implementation of these missions, Sung Jin-Woo gradually levels up similar to the characters in the game and progressively acquires new powers. He also explores unique dungeons by himself, thereby collecting powerful weapons. During his level training journey, Jin Woo was confronted by Kwang Dong Suk, the S-rank hunter Hwang Dong Su brother. To protect his life, and Yoo Jin Ho, the son of tycoon Yoo Myung Han, Jin-Woo, killed Dong Suk. He was later on suspicion of murder but could not be convicted due to a lack of concrete evidence. However, Yoo Jin Ho himself also works to protect Jin Woo, and he gradually sees him as an adorable brother. Jin-Woo finally reached the level to “choose a career” (similar to choosing a class in the game). After long and challenging battles and victory over Igris, a mighty iron-clad knight, Jin-Woo gained the title of “Dark Lord” and acquired the ability to summon warriors. Fall to become your soldier. He quickly summoned the soldiers he had defeated and also Igris, forming his army. With new strength, Sung Jin-Woo continued his journey of leveling. With the help of Jin Ho, he was able to enter the dungeons on his own without a team and became stronger and stronger.

Jin Woo’s shadow army gradually grows more numerous with powerful monsters after each attack in the dungeon. In particular, when stuck in a “red gate,” the gate has superior strength and can only escape if you destroy all monsters; Sung Jin Woo has captured Tank, a giant bear, and Iron, the soul of an A-rank hunter. There Jin Woo also faced a monster that could communicate with him. He said extremely puzzling things about Jin Woo’s power and heralded the arrival of new enemies. Returning from the “red gate,” Jin Woo’s power gradually became suspected by S-rank hunters. However, he was wholly unconcerned and continued to participate in the dungeon conquest. Woo had to fight great Orcs. He captured High Orc warriors and acquired Tusk, the mighty Orc mage.